Sometimes Things Just Change


Well Hello,

So much has changed since the last time I posted anything on here, I’m not even sure where to start.

In a snappy, not too glum summarisation, Lee was made redundant and we had to leave Australia and move back to the U.K.

Now I could write chapter and verse on how upsetting the last 6 months have been but this aint that kind of blog and I aint that kind of girl.

So for now Im trying to be happy for what we have, trying not to be sad for what we have lost and focusing on what we want.


I have lots of ideas for future posts, although my outfits are now of the maternity variety as we are expecting baby number four in October – which may be the worst timed child in history or the best timed gift from God.

Things are far from perfect for our little family right now but there is much to be said with connecting with people who are also struggling or who can offer their point of view or to be in this life together with, so if anyone needs a chat I am here.

Speak soon my gorgeous bunch xx


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