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Is It Ever Just Makeup? …

Is It Ever Just Makeup?

Hi Lovlies

While thinking of blog ideas  and ways to share new information I realised it would be better to share with you some of the most important things I already know.

Wiggly line flashback…

I was one of those teens with flawless skin, other girls were envious and I took it for granted. Then at 25 every spot I should of had through school erupted on my face at once, adult acne.

The next few years were pretty low, but after many visits to a doctor I was referred to a dermatologist, given roaccutane and my skin cleared up.

The term pretty low is me crying on the landing because the thought of going out made me feel physically sick, spending every spare penny on foundations, concealers and creams that made no difference at all, and hating what I saw in a mirror.

This is what those 3 years taught me and what I want you all to do.

Try to care less about what other people think

Most people will not notice how your skin is behaving that day, people will never look at you with the amount of scrutiny you have just given yourself in the bathroom mirror. They will see your smile, it will cheer them up.

Have perspective

We all have our own things going on, you may study every woman’s complexion with a fiery envy, but at the same time she could be looking at your waistline and battling her own demons. Try to make the most of the positive things you have going on, that is hard, but you miss out on so much when you don’t stop looking at yourself to look around.

Have confidence

I’m sure you have read and heard countless times that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have, it is so true.
Try to spend time with the people that make you feel special, no matter how you look. Your best friend or your Mum, and when you get low imagine how they see you, how they love you.
Try to be that person as much as you can.

Money does not matter

No-one knows what brand your makeup is when you pass them on the street.
Makeup should be about creating a look and having fun with your features, from glamorous doe eyes to a sexy red lip.
The best concealer that has ever been blogged/ YouTubed about is collection 2000 lasting perfection. It is one of the cheapest on the market!

Know that you are not alone

However you feel about something, there will be millions other people feeling the same way. I used to watch YouTube ‘foundation routines for acne skin’ and there are hundreds of videos with the bravest girls showing how they cover things up and what helps them leave the house. Watch them, even if you do not have acne, they are inspirational.

Whatever your worries are about, find someone to talk to. your problems are not stupid or silly, and there is help out there.
Whatever makes you happy or sad is important.

You are important.

Thanks for reading and have a gorgeous day my lovelies.