Mummy Daughter Outfit Of the Day

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These are some photos my partner took of Sienna and I while we were at the seaside, we looked pretty synchronised and I thought they would be great to do my first Mummy and daughter outfit post.


Sienna looked absolutely adorable in an aqua green frilly singlet with pale aqua bows and the knickers to match. These were given to me by a friend so I’m not sure where there are from.

I will be so sad when Sienna outgrows this little outfit, I love her in this colour and it makes such a nice change from pink. It’s a worry sometimes putting a baby girl in what is classed as ‘boys’ colours but I think the frills and bows scream girl, and that is the look I love for her. The sandals she has on are little tan leather butterfly detail gladiators from Next.


I am wearing a pale blue split print maxi skirt from Forever New with a white fitted top and blue necklace also from Forever New. I used to stay away from florals as a rule and I’m still pretty fussy when it comes to prints but I like the softness of the skirt and it has a lovely mixture of blue’s and green’s, which match Sienna’s outfit.

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Just Take Your Time…

Sunday morning I uploaded a post on Facebook of my girls with the caption ‘mini me’s’. In one photograph Sophie (just turned 10) was applying a full face of makeup to go to the park, I say full face I won’t let her use foundation but a serious amount of contour was in play and her highlight was indeed on fleek. In the other photo Sienna (15 months) was breastfeeding her baby doll while on her pepper pig phone.

It was a cute post and a bit of fun but it did make me a little thoughtful…

I’m hoping Sophie’s need to wear makeup whenever she can is her experimenting and exploring how she looks and not as I’m sure most mothers fear, from feeling she is not beautiful without it. I wear makeup pretty much every day which I never used to do, and that gave me a wake up call to dial things back. I do not live a life that requires me to look my absolute best on a daily basis and I am a little ashamed of the routine putting on a full face has become.

Sienna is boisterous, cheeky and on the go 24/7, I often take the chance when she is feeding to sit down and relax, make a tea and reach for my phone, using this quiet 15 minutes to reply to texts and check social media. This is also a routine I am going to break. Sienna will stop breast feeding soon and I intend to use these last few months to stare at her beautiful baby face and feel her chubby sweet baby body in my arms the same way I did when she was brand new and I cherished every single second of her.

My son is 12 1/2, my patience has been fairly thin with him lately, I feel we are at logger heads more and more. I do try to see past the mood swings and back chat and focus on the nice times we have together, it is hard, I will keep trying. I know soon he will not want to come to the park and beach with us, I am sure once he is allowed to stay home I will miss him, and wish he was there to argue with me.

This week I am going to try extra hard to be in the moment with them, to be silly and fun and take the time to appreciate them…




…they are after all my whole world.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and to all the mum’s reading this, you’re doing great x

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