Just a walk in the park


Denim Trucker Jacket: Old OLD Levi, but I’ll link a beaut I’ve just found in River Island

Black trousers: MONKI

  Sneakers: CONVERSE

Backpack: Fiorelli

Water Bottle: Ted Baker

Sienna is wearing Next sneakers, jeans and top with a GAP Hoodie





What’s your go to Mum uniform? Do you try to add fashion leg pieces or do you keep things basic? I love to look around the shops and I love fashion but I actually wear the same pieces over and over again.

Whatever you are doing today, make it a good one. Bye for now you Gorgeous lot xx


Just Add A Pop Of Colour

ombre forward-2


Ombre Chiffon Top ally

Black Tube Skirt H&M

Primark Black Barely There Sandals

Hello Gorgeous People, I hope Tuesday has been good to you. Just a quick outfit post today.

This Ombre top is a light weight chiffon material that can be thrown over anything. It was pretty long at the back in a hi-lo situation, which looks fantastic on some people but I just can’t pull that off with my tiny torso so my Mum is Law altered this to make the hem at the back only slightly longer than the front. What that woman can do with a sewing machine is amazing!
I love this peppermint shade, It flatters most skin tones and looks great with similar sugary shades, white and black.

Tube skirts have been out for quite some time.
Great in the heat and with leggings in the cooler weather.
They are easy to wear, comfy and work just as well with heels and flats.

Primary sandals I’ve had a few years now but you can pick this style up anywhere now.
The front strap is slightly thicker than the ankle strap so you don’t feel as though your toes are being cut off and they’re simple enough to work with most outfits.

As the seasons change it’s easy to be drawn into the new colours and prints in every high street shop, spend way too much money on ‘in trend’ items, that without heat stroke (or frostbite) you may never have purchased…

Try to be shopping savvy, invest in pieces that you can pull out year after year.
Key items that you know will always look good on you and make you feel pretty.
Then budget in a scarf or a few tops in the colour or print of the moment
That way you still look bang on trend at a fraction of the cost
And have clothing you still want to wear 6 months down the line

Thanks for reading guys

Have a gorgeous week


Style Isn’t Just Something You Put On In The Morning

I love reading blogs. I also love when bloggers link the items online so you can simultaniously shop and be informed.
Sadly my outfits will not always have such links, mainly down to my inability to pass up a sale rack or throw anything away.
I would not say I had a particular style but that I have my own style and for this I thank my Mam (My Mum – for anyone not living in the North of England).

I remember watching my Mam getting ready for nights out and thinking (as I still think) that she was the most beautiful woman in the world and that when I was older I wanted to look and dress just like her (even with the 80’s hair and super sized shoulder pads).
To me she was so stylish and her opinion of me mattered the most.
She encouraged my velvet hat ‘blossom’ stage and even allowed me to get a Dani from Neighbours undercut
At times when I had “nothing to wear” or I did not feel like the belle of the ball she
told me that style isn’t just something you put on in the morning.

Now I’m a role model. I’m the one encouraging my little girl to have her own style. To have the confidence to wear whatever she wants and wear what makes her happy
I’m delighted that she clashes prints, colours, seasonal pieces and random accessories
She has a closet full of clothing yet repeatedly wears the same few things – her favourites
She has the right idea

IMG_8389  IMG_6626


So my advice…
Don’t keep a favourite dress only for special occasions, wear it as often as you can.
Feel confortable in what you are wearing, if you are pulling it up or down all day it’s not worth the fuss.
Don’t buy things just to have something new (or to provide links)
People will think you look nice if you look nice, not depending on what season you are wearing
When you look in the mirror try to see what your loved ones see, no-one will think you are as beautiful as your Mum/Dad/Daughter/Son does and
Have your own style

Thanks for reading