Just the First bash at YouTube


Sienna Beth First YouTube Video

Well a very persuasive three year old got her way and I have uploaded a little video onto YouTube. It’s really just a channel intro and today I’m hoping to make something a little longer.

How on earth people get into this and can make it a paying job amazes me. I spent a frustrating hour and a half hashing ten images together. Add that to the anxiety that the world and his wife can judge every aspect of your life and it really is quite a daunting process.

I’m trying to be a progressive mum and while I love a novel in the bath I appreciate that social sharing and connecting online is for better or worse the future. I am hoping that I can create a happy little space for Sienna to look back on regardless of the number views she has. Have any of you made anything for YouTube? or Facebook live? I’ve never even spoken on an Instagram story so this is wildly outside of my comfort zone.

Let me know where you all stand, do you agree with kids online or are you very much against it?

I hope you pop over to give it a little watch, click the like button and follow our little journey. We are a little loving family and I hope these crazy kids of mine make you smile

Have a gorgeous day xxx


Sienna Beth’s Very First YouTube Video